This type of field is the most important of all. Its job is to create a link between one table and another.

This field makes it possible to select a row of values from another table and, through the links set, copy the values into the fields of the data form.

The sub-table also allows you to make two selections of linked data.

In an invoice, for example, after selecting the customer, the sub-table will show the possible shipping addresses.

The Subtable field creates an additional field within the database in order to save the GGUID reference of the selected data row.

An example: by creating the Customer field, the program will automatically create the gguid _customer field. This field is visible only if the database is opened with other programs and this reference is only for the main table.

Field parameters

Main TableThe name of the table from which the values will be retrieved.
Main conditionA possible SQL string to filter the values to be recovered.
Main matchesThe links between the recovery table and the destination table are managed.
Free TextIf checked, allows you to write free text within the field even without selecting a value.
Do not allow duplicatesIf enabled, before saving, the program checks all the values in the table. If another record with the same field value is found, saving will be blocked.
Secondary tableAfter the first selection from the main table, it is possible to set a second selection associated with the values of the first.
Secondary conditionA SQL string to filter the values to be retrieved on the secondary table.
Secondary matchesThe links that will be made from the secondary table to the destination table.