First steps

Welcome to the Nios4 developer site. On this page we will see step by step how to create a management system (or ERP) starting from scratch. In this way you will acquire the basics behind the platform.

You can deepen the concepts through, the guide, the videos and the examples or by writing to us for more detailed information on the following link

Let's begin

1 Installation

Let's start by installing and configuring Nios4 on your pc.

2 Let's create the basis

Let's add an empty database that will be used to build our ERP.

3 Let's create the main tables

Let's create the tables that contain the data and that will give a purpose to our management system. In this case we will do a very simple order management.

4 The sections

Let's begin to enter our data by creating sections of the program to be able to access our tables.

5 Registry and Documents

Let's give our tables a job by telling them if they will be normal personal data or collect data from multiple sources.

6 Let's connect the tables

Let's create the fields that will allow us to read the data from one table and write it inside another.

7 Let's arrange the fields

Let's rearrange our fields on the data form to make them more functional.

8 Let's insert the calculations

Let's teach management how to automatically perform calculations on field values.

9 Let's create the print

Let's create the first print to see how the program reasons.