sync (get)

The command forces synchronization of the cloud database with the synchronization server. It is necessary to remember that the operations performed through the api modify the data of the cloud version of the database.

This means that until a synchronization operation is performed through the web interface or through the API command, the other devices will not receive the changes made to the data.


dbThe database to be synchronized
partial_fromInteger to enable partial reception. Optional, if not present disables fragmentation of synchronization.
tokenUser identification token.



       "sync": {
             "partial": true if I have to continue with the next
             step of partial reception,
             "partial_from": the next to use to
             continue, if "partial": true,
             "partial_total": total number of records to
             receive, if "partial": true
       "sync_last_tid": TID to get the date / time of the last
       synchronization completed,
       "sync_first": true if this was the first
       database synchronization from scratch

The reply contains all the values to be able to continue to perform a packet synchronization, that is, sending the values rows divided and not all together and the time reference to be used for the next synchronization if used.