table_list (get)

The command allows you to recover all the tables that make up the requested database. The server for each table includes its characteristics and properties.


dbThe name of the database to be queried.
tokenUser identification token.



  "error": false,                     Error identifier
  "tables": [
      "gguid": "g",                   Global id
      "tid": "20180607093840",        Time identifier
      "eli": "0",                     If the table is deleted
      "arc": "0",                     Archive index
      "ut": "admin",                  Last user
      "ind": "0",                     Sorting index
      "displayable": "1",             Permission to view  
      "eliminable": "1",              Permission to delete
      "editable": "1",                Permission to editing
      "tablename": "customers",       Actual table name  
      "syncyes": "1",                 Sync permission
      "syncsel": "1",                 Selective sync permission
      "syncno": "0",                  Optional sync permission
      "param": "{}",                  Table parameters  
      "tablelabel": "Customer",       Table label 
      "newlabel":"New Custom.",       Label on new record
      "expressions": "[]",            Calculation expressions
      "lgroup": ""                    Membership group