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Importing reports and creating customers


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I am looking for an Android app to manage work orders.

I am a developer of invoicing software for repair shops. I need to integrate a cloud solution in my program and offer it to my customers (the users). They can use your app together with my software.

I found your app and I think it could fit, but I cannot find some options.

Needs and questions:

A - I need to export the work orders in the cloud every day so that the technicians can fill in the data from their office - And at the end of the day, the cloud exports these work orders from the app to my software. I saw that the easiest and fastest way to integrate it is through Excel data importation.

I tried to import the interventions (work orders). It was done. In the Excel file that I imported, there is intervention data (date, hour, number of the work order, device, brand, series number, etc.), and the customer records. But during the intervention imports, I need the system to automatically create the customer as a new entry (customers table) if it does not exist. Is it possible?

B - How can I export the intervention data? For example, in Excel format to import it into my software.

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You can import the reports every day, and you can also block duplication through the key columns (but for convenience, you should import only the daily ones).

After uploading the data and before syncing, you can run this script to force the program and create new customers.

To export them instead, you can do it directly from the sections through the activation key for Windows, or you can create an XML file.

Also, right now, we are developing new LUA objects for the management of this type of files, so we recommend you to stay updated by following the forum or the blog.

Anyway, the fastest system remains the direct link to the database through the API Web. Here you need to see if your management solution allows you to communicate directly with the internet.  

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Posted by: @admin

To export them instead, you can do it directly from the sections through the activation key for Windows, or you can create an XML file.

But this action creates an XML file for one intervention. I have to export it in bulk, like a report.

Is there currently an option for exporting all the intervention records and the related lines to Excel or XML files among the selected time period? If there is not any process at the moment, are you going to develop it? When?

Thank you in advance.


The XML export from the section exports all the rows it finds. So by using the filters, you can already select the lines that interest you. However, if the report must output a child table too, the Excel file does obviously not succeed: you have to maintain the relationship between the tables.

Are the report data in a single table, or should you export any linked data to each report? Depending on the answer, we will see what the best way is.

I have to export all the intervention records, their rows, and their client.

What I am looking for is:

- An “Export” intervention option;

- When I click this option, I can filter which interventions I want to output;

- By pressing the “Export” button, it releases all the interventions, their rows, and customer data.


You could do it but not in such a direct way. We will put this among the requests for the next expansion. We will see what objects and tools add to allow you to create your export.