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How do I change the currency in the fields?


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When I save the order, the currency remains in dollars ($). How can I change the tender to €? Thanks

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You can set different money for each currency field. To change it, go to Options → Fields → select the field that displays the dollar (in the order table) → open its parameters (with a double click or the pencil button on the web and OSX) and select the legal tender in the currency item.

Save, and the field should be okay. If you see that the dollar comes out again, close and open the program again to force the rereading of the various parameters.

If the problem is in the print, you need to open it with the print editor in the Windows version.

Place the mouse on the chosen field, press the right mouse button, and select the field format item. Select the currency and click Okay (if by chance, there is no currency item, it means that the field is not in that category).