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I was able to edit the quote section by inserting a column for the photo/images. I could enter the images but when I previewed the print, I could not do the copy with pictures.

Could you help me?

Thank you

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the copies are a “view” of the data optimized for the printer, so they are not automatically modified by changing the datasheet. That means they have to be modified separately. To do this, you need to use the built-in editor in the Windows version. This editor allows you to edit the prints and insert the missing fields, as in this case the images.

Here is the manual link to know how to do this:

Once the theory is over, let’s see a bit of practice. First, you need to understand if the print comes from the product or the intervention. This is to understand which band of the print should be inserted in. If it comes from the product, the picture should be in “starting of the report”, where all the main fields are inserted. If it comes from the intervention, and more precisely from the material lines, the image will be in the “detail” band, which is the part of the print repeated for the number of material lines inside the intervention.

In any case, the fields and the other elements must always be included in a table (if you use the prints already created, these tables are already present). Then place it where you want the field and enter it, selecting it from the side list where they are all. By entering your image, you will see a gray box that acts as a “marker” of where the picture will be inserted and its maximum size. You can also vary the image’s size to reduce or increase the space dedicated to it.

For example, if you want to put in the detail, I recommend you to place yourself on the description line, both the one that has the description and the one that has the field (you can recognize the fields by the greater-than symbols <>). Right-click and select “Split Table” to create space for the new field. Then you can always right-click to vary the size of the cells.

Save and sync if you have a cloud database. Save and export the copy to create a package that you can install with the “install package” feature, which is present in all versions of the program if you have only local databases.